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As a certified Catholic Motivation Code coach, speaker, writer & retreat leader, I am on a mission to help women business owners, entrepreneurs, and servant leaders learn to thrive.

Using the Motivation Code [MCode] Assessment as our starting point, I will help you discover your

unique motivational design.

Through personalized coaching, I equip you with the tools and insights to become a more effective leader, make your business thrive, and take strategic steps towards living out your personal vocation with a deep sense of

fulfillment and joy.

Experience deep satisfaction

MCode coaching helps you learn how to tap into your full potential, collaborate effectively, and step into greatness. Knowing your MCode is the key to unlocking your brilliance and being your absolute best self, day in and day out.

Achieve outcomes

As a Certified Catholic Motivation Code Coach, I help women, through individual and executive leadership coaching, discover how they have been uniquely created by God to live out their personal vocation with a deep sense of fulfillment and joy.

The signature coaching program for Laura Roland Coaching, THRIVE Roadmap, is an opportunity for you to discover where you thrive.

Using the Motivation Code [MCode] Assessment and applied, strategic coaching, you will:

  • Discover your why - why you make the choices you make, take the actions you take, what excites you - and what drains you.
  • Gain deeper insight into how you show up in the world and how to use that knowledge to move through burnout to thriving.
  • Learn how to overcome obstacles and achieve breakthroughs using your motivators.
  • Discover what makes you who you are and what motivates your actions.
  • Identify where you find joy as well as what you find challenging.

THRIVE Roadmap: Individual Coaching

THRIVE Roadmap: Coaching for Catholic Coaches

THRIVE Roadmap: Coaching for Leaders


THRIVE Roadmap: Coaching for Teams

Client insights

I started working with Laura to learn more about what my core motivators [MCode] really meant for me as a solopreneur, and business coach, as well as a wife and mom. I’ve gained so much clarity and insight into how God has uniquely created me to do what I am passionate about bringing to the world. I understand not only the strong points of the motivators but maybe more importantly, where I can get stuck if I’m not utilizing all of my motivators. Truly, this knowledge has changed how I approach both my work and personal life.

Lisa Canning

The Possibility Mom

I recently took the MCode assessment and had the opportunity to be coached LIVE by Laura on ways I could activate my unique motivations to move forward in an area where I was stuck in my business. Far from being something merely theoretical, having Laura help me understand how I could use my motivations to take definite action was extremely practical. Not only did Laura's coaching help me identify what actions I needed to take, but I felt really good and excited to move forward on a project that I had literally been putting off for weeks!

Jessica Castillo

Founder and CEO at

A Thriving Catholic

I have taken many personality assessments, but I never know what the results mean or how to leverage them to support my goals. It was such a gift to see my MCode fulfillment stories through Laura's eyes. The insight and the language Laura gave me about my core motivators have been priceless. Through Laura's coaching, I can clearly see where I tend to get stuck in my personal and professional life, and how to tap into what motivates me to get unstuck and move forward quickly.

Joann Gillis

Chosen VA Solutions

& Podcast Manager

Speaking & Writing

As a Catholic speaker & writer, my goal is to create an opportunity for each person

hearing or reading my words to have an encounter with Jesus.

Speaker & Podcast Guest

From speaking engagements at conferences to hosting intimate retreats among friends, I partner with event organizers to curate personalized experiences for attendees.

I am always excited to join podcast conversations as a featured guest whenever invited!

On the Blog

You can find all of my writing on my

blog, This Woman's Journey. I am also a contributing writer for Catholic Women in Business.

Currently, there is a book in the works - stay tuned for more details as the Lord and I finish writing i

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